Friday, August 26, 2011

The sky is silver

The sky is silver!

Not gloomy grey, not blinding bright

Just the perfect balance the senses need

They say every cloud has a silver lining

But here I find silver strewn all over!

Oh what a wonderful sight to behold

And every sparkle in the sky speaks to me

“Smile, the dark days of despair are over”

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


the problem with me is that i allow people to play with my feelings and break my heart. wonder when and how i can get out of this. really blame myself, and no one else for my worries and sorrows.

(bad start to the new year. shud have written a happier, more positive post! but will do that soon, i promise!! :D )

Thursday, December 16, 2010


i have discovered that boredom is my downfall. the moment i have nothing to do, i start feeling depressed. all kinds of negative thoughts come to my mind n i start feeling very very demotivated.

i need to occupy myself. i need to get out of the house. i just wish there were more things to do n see. i just cant b staying idle like this n hating myself for having horrible thoughts.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December already?

its december. really? where did the year go?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Getting old(er)

Birthdays used to be a lot of fun. Not anymore. Well, of course it's fun to be the birthday girl and get the hugs, gifts, handshakes, gifts, wishes, gifts, phone calls, did i mention gifts?! :P but then, when you realise that you are a whole year older..yeah like a WHOLE GOD-DAMN YEAR OLDER, it takes a lot away from it. sigh....

The best part about birthdays is definitely the (no not the gifts...i'm not that shallow also!) cake. caaaaaaake! aah! i love cake! and i love my birthdays because owing to the sheer number of friends i have, i end up having more that one party and therefore more than one cake. JOY!

friends...yes that reminds me of a very funny fact. every year i have additions to my friends list. this year too i have made some great new friends who would most definitely be invited. sadly though, the one i really, really want to have around wont be there :(

so all in all i guess birthdays are just about OK. they have surely lost their charm...i used to be kicked from october 1 and would actually cross off days from the calender when i was younger. but now i wish i could do something in great contrast to that!!!! so while on one hand there are the gifts, the cake, the hugs, the wishes and the happy-happy spoilt feeling, on the other there is the realisation that i am growing OLD. bloody hell i'll be in my late twenties now!!! how scary is that?!!! i wanted to be so many things before i was 27 and i got nothing done :((( but i guess its ok...i'll survive and if all goes well, i'll be writing a similar post next year and cribbing perhaps a little more :D

till then, a very happy birthday to me!!!!